Our Purpose 

We make health and sustainability assessable to all by creating high-quality, affordable, eco-kind, plant-based beauty and wellness products with a fundamental purpose to protect the environment and give back to the world. Oh, and have an insane amount of *fun* too!

Our Values 

We value people and our planet. Everything we do is designed to serve you and our earth. We think it's a shame clean products and foods are simply not accessible to all. The vast majority of affordable products are filled with known and possible carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. What's more is many families live in rural areas where they to not have access to boutique or mass stores. However, nearly everyone has a smartphone. Fortunately, that's slowly changing and we want to lead that change in beauty and wellness. To fill these voids we have kept our products at wholesales prices and our membership free and provide an online marketplace and community within an app. And we donate. We give products and proceeds to youths in need across the country. Our products are healthy for you, the planet and your wallet.

Our Standards 

Our sustainability expert is working hard to create our extensive list of nasties and a strict screening process for raw ingredients and packaging.  At it’s core it supports vegan and cruelty free, ethically sourced and sustainable; non-toxic and plant-based; 100% recyclable packaging and components.

Our Give 

We believe everyone should have access to clean products especially those fighting cancer. That's why for every subscription sold we will give a care package to a teen fighting cancer or an at risk youth.