Not Just For Girls

Eighty percent of US tweens use beauty and personal care products. Ninety percent of girls aged 9-17 use beauty product and seven in ten (69 percent) boys of the same age use personal care products according to Mintel. 

“Beauty awareness starts at an early age, and tweens/teens are becoming increasingly savvy due to the popularity of YouTube beauty tutorials. But it is certainly not just girls looking to express themselves through the use of beauty and personal care products as our research reveals that boys show a strong interest in male grooming products. Margie Nanninga, Beauty Analyst at Mintel.

By using conventional cosmetics teens are exposing themselves to toxic cosmetic ingredients linked to potential health effects at a time when their bodies are more susceptible to chemical damage. Emerging research suggests that teens may be particularly sensitive to exposures to trace levels of hormone-disrupting chemicals.

The EWG states, adolescence encompasses maturation of the reproductive, immune, blood, and adrenal hormone systems, rapid bone growth associated with the adolescent "growth spurt," shifts in metabolism, and key changes to brain structure and function. Alterations in an array of sex hormones, present in the body at levels as low as one part per billion (ppb), or even one part per trillion (ppt), guide this transformation to adulthood. 

What's more is many of these chemicals are not sustainable and harmful to our environment. To protect the health of teens and all citizens as well as our plantet our products are non-toxic, sustainable, vegan and cruelty free. We are committed to developing the safest, most compassionate and environmentally kind beauty and wellness products for all.